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We would be pleased to run this course for your team at your location using your training facilities anywhere in the UK (or your other offices abroad). For groups of up to 16 people we usually run the course over 2 days. You just need to provide the necessary training rooms and equipment.



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To help us prepare a quote for you please complete the form below, then press the "Get a Quote" button. We will prepare a detailed quotation to run this course for your team using your own in-house training facilities (or your preferred off-site training venue). You will receive this quotation by email.

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PLEASE CLICK ON THE "GET A QUOTE" BUTTON BELOW: You will receive an emailed confirmation to let you know that we have received your request for a quote. One of our consultants will then send you a detailed quotation based on the information you have supplied above. We are often out of our offices running this course at client locations, so we may not be able to get back in touch with you for a few days. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us by email. Thank you.
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